Nfl Concussions

Topics: American football, National Football League, Suicide Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Clough, Jack
NFL Concussions Statement Paper
Safety in the National Football League has forever been the most talked about subject in terms of rule changing for the game. The biggest ongoing injury in the NFL besides torn MCL's is concussions. A concussion is a blow to the head that causes major trauma and confusion or temporary incapacity. In some recent cases it has triggered nerves in the players brain's to have suicidal thoughts. Since the NFL was founded in 1920 there has been multiple tragic suicidal deaths caused from concussions. The most recent case was Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend in front of her mom then proceeded to drive to the teams facility where he would take his life with a gun in front of his coaching staff. It has been brought to the NFL's attention that there has to be some serious rule changing and suspending the players that commit theses illegal and violent hits that cause these concussions. As a 10 year football player I have always made sure my safety was my number one priority when it came to playing in the games. Unfortunately my style of playing came with a price and throughout those years I received 4 concussions. Although I never had any suicidal thoughts or had any major head trauma I realized that the style of playing throughout my high school career was pretty ruthless. Even though the pace of the game in high school is nothing compared to the big leagues the amount of concussions that high school players are receiving are sky rocketing through the roof and is slowly starting to increase every year. This is where it all begins with concussions in high school and if you continue to play in college and get drafted into the NFL those number of concussions will only increase. Players in the NFL have said when it comes to concussions, it all starts with that very first concussion that you get in youth football. Anytime when an NFL player commits a violent illegal hit it is resulted in a...
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