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EN 105 Rubric for Essays: In general terms, significant weakness in any one of these areas reduces the value of an essay by a letter grade. However, serious weakness in one area can lead to the loss of two or three letter grades or to a failing grade.

| |Exceeds Standard |Above Standard |At Standard |Below Standard | | |(≈ “A”) |(≈ “B”) |(≈ “C”) |(≈ “D”-“F”) | |Focus |The essay is clearly focused around a creative|The essay is clearly focused around a creative|The essay is focused around a central |There is no clear central thesis/message, or | | |and insightful central thesis/message. The |and insightful central thesis/message. There |thesis/message. Parts of the essay might stray|the focus is split across a variety of topics | | |writer lays out clear reasons/points that |are several interesting points that support |from this focus, but the overall message is |in a way that works against a specific focus. | | |contribute to the overall central |it. One place may wander a bit or need more |there. The focus of the essay might be |The overall point might be unclear, confusing,| | |thesis/message. Everything in the essay |development, but otherwise the focus is clear |simplistic or obvious—it might be hard for the|or the writer might indicate a focus, but | | |contributes to the development of the message.|and interesting |reader to feel engaged. |little in the essay supports this focus. | |Development...
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