Nfc Near Field Communication

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  • Published: January 24, 2013
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Table of Contents
2.What is NFC?4
3.NFC Passive tag:5
4.Applications of NFC:8
5.NFC comparison with other technologies:10
6.Challenges of NFC:11

Near field communication, is the fresh buzz in the ever-hot mobile market, A brief over view about this latest technology, the segment of industry that NFC is going to serve and NFC’s working will be overviewed in this paper. A brief over view of preceding technologies, the advantages of NFC that made it possible to compete and sustain its technology advantage, will be discussed in the report. The industry specifications and standardizations used in development of NFC are briefed in this paper. NFC technology history trace backs its roots to RFID (radio frequency identification). RFID allows sending radio waves to create communication link. 1983 – first patent associated with RFID was granted

1995 – patent regarding wallet paying electronically is described in brazil with IPN 9500345. 2004 – NFC forum was established by Nokia, Sony, Phillips
2006 – first NFC tag specification, first smart poster were released into market. 2006 – first NFC enabled phone into consumer product, Nokia 6131. 2009 – peer to peer communication standards to initiate Bluetooth, access URL 2010 – Samsung, Google launched Nexus S first Android-based Smartphone with NFC feature. NFC has got its success with the technology being implemented in the smart phones particularly in android phones giving this technology access to lot of users. Another reason being it accepted by VISA and Master Card for developing a system to give wireless smart card transfer functionality by joining NFC forum. 2.What is NFC?

Near Field communication is a subset of all ready existing, success full technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). It allows creating a short-range wireless connectivity, that enables two ways safe and protected communication channel between...
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