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Nextgen for Airports
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Rarely in the world of academia does a student get to write a paper on something they are actually interested in. That is exactly what has happened in my case this term. From my days in the United States Air Force I’ve been fascinated by aircraft, aircraft technology, and how the daily operations of the worlds flights are coordinated. Nextgen is the future of aircraft travel technology, and this paper will explain its past, present, and future.

What is Nextgen?
NextGen stands for Next Generation Air Transportation System. NextGen is a transformative change in the way aircraft flight is managed, and the operations of how we fly. NextGen enhances safety, reduces delays, saves fuel and reduces aviation’s adverse environmental impact. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been in the process of intergrating new and existing technologies for many years now. This is a comprehensive effort to conduct the largest aircraft travel transformation in the history of flight. This transformation includes integrating satellites navigation and super advanced digital communications. Airports and aircraft in the National Airspace System will be connected to NextGen’s advanced infrastructure and will continually share real-time information to provide a better travel experience. (, 2012)

NextGen’s astonishing transformation includes six core transformational programs: Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technologies, Data Communications, System Wide Information Management, NextGen Network Enabled Weather, NAS Voice System and Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast. These programs will facilitate the largest air transport transformation in history.

According to the FAA website, there will be a continuous roll-out of improvements and upgrades, the FAA is building the capability to guide and track air traffic more precisely and efficiently to save fuel and reduce noise and pollution....
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