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  • Published : June 17, 2013
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It seems that there is always a book that one may pluck from the shelves and find thoroughly amusing or intriguing once read. A book fitting this description may come along for each reader differently at the behest of what interests them. For people seeking a great tale of duality there is Dickens. For those seeking tragedy or comedy in its most pure form there is Shakespeare. Still, for those seeking a taste of romance and drama there is Nicholas Sparks. There are those who call for a more contemporary feel for teenage love and angst, and so there is the budding John Green. Some like poetry, and then they must look towards Dickenson or Frost. However, for those enjoying the horror and mystery genre, and looking for an almost automatic good read, there is often nothing better than a classic Stephen King novel. One such book is The Shining written by King –a novel that follows the sojourn into madness of Jack Torrance, and takes the audience along for a truly spectacular experience.

The book begins with the protagonist, Jack Torrance, in an interview with the owner of The Overlook Motel, Ullman. He is there to inquire about the job of being the caretaker for the motel through the winter season, in which there will be no guests. Throughout this interview Ullman is very hesitant to give the job to Torrance, who has a history of anger and even got fired from his teaching job for hitting a student. They chat, and Ullman reminds Torrance that he will be alone with his family for most of the winter when the snow comes in.
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