Next Big Breakthrough

Topics: Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission, Hydrogen Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Next Big Breakthrough
Neil Armstrong put his foot on the surface of Moon in 1969 when USA sent its manned moon orbiter which landed successfully. Earlier in 1957, USSR sent the first man made earth satellite, Sputnik, around the earth. These human endeavors in the field of space science have enormously benefitted mankind – numerous satellites, space ships towards the planets and galaxies, moon Landers, etc by various countries such as USSR ( Russia ), USA , European union, France, China, India, etc , since 1957 and 1969. Various categories of satellites like Geosynchronous, polar, of various masses have been launched for telecommunications, resource mapping, meteorological, forecasting and other civil and military applications. I think the next big breakthrough in science to benefit the mankind could be generation of power through controlled nuclear fusion reaction. To sustain the human activity and survival, we have too main requirements —materials and energy. Materials such as food, water, metals, wood, rubber, plastics, fertilizers, glass, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. these are obtained from agriculture produce every season, cycle or year and from mineral wealth like metal ores, coal, crude oil and natural gas. While some agricultural production is sustainable, requirements are increasing with increasing population. Even then, a good part of agricultural produce depends on mineral resources which give us fertilizers, insecticides, power, etc. the mineral resources from earth are exhaustible and may last another few hundred years. Energy is required in every human activity – households, offices, industries, agricultures etc. It is required lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, locomotion, material conversion, assemblies, etc. the requirement of energy is ever increasing as larger population of the world is aspiring for higher standards of living. Again, most of the energy (electrical and other forms) production depends on fossil fuels like coal,...
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