Nexa Report - Reaction Paper

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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I am not aware about the NEXA report until I made a research about it and realized how much our government spent so much in education, which covers the government-run schools, non-degree training programs offered by the government agencies, job related training and seminar expenses for government personnel, overall administration of public-education programs by the government, construction of facilities for use in public education programs, and government counterpart funding for foreign assistance loans and grants for education-related projects ; yet, we still have poor economy compared to other countries. I can only imagine that if only proper funds were executed by the people in the government, then we would have made it on top. The government equally gives the burden to the household that includes the monthly income in the family that has great impact in giving service in education. The NEXA report, made by NSCB, helps the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, Local Government Unit, National Government Agencies and other stakeholders to come up with policy analysis to be able to ease the difficulties in addressing the issues. It contains comprehensive and comparable set of information regarding sources and uses of funds for education, including both public and private sources that can be routinely collected annually or at appropriate intervals. The purpose of the NEXA report is to answer these questions – How much of the total economy’s financial resources are being spent on education? Given the amount allocated to education, what education services and activities are being paid for? How much is being spent on each service/activity and on each level of education? Who is paying for these education services and activities? Is the country self-reliant in terms of the provision of education services? Alternatively, how dependent is it on foreign assistance in providing education service. These...
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