Newtons 3 Laws Essay

Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Classical mechanics, Force Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Newton’s Three Laws
Newton’s three laws of motion are laws or “rules” as to why objects move or don’t move they way they do. They tell us why things that move or at rest stay that way, or why the speed up, or simply what kind of things it takes to move objects. Newton’s three laws are very important because before he discovered these no one really knew why objects did what they did, they simply just did it. I care about these laws because I’ve learned so much that I never really understood nor knew. Newton’s first law states “objects at rest will stay at rest unless an outside force acts on it and an object in motion will continue to stay in motion at constant speed in a straight line unless an outside force acts on it.” This means exactly what it says. If a ball is kicked it’ll go in a straight line until it hits a wall or someone stops it. If a ball is on the ground not moving it will stay not moving unless someone kicks it or something moves it. For my demo I went on the soccer field and got my soccer ball and kicked it. It went flying until it hit the fence. Then when I let the ball stay there, it didn’t move until I went to go get it. To me explaining an object in motion isn’t easier to explain but I love a challenge, it makes me work my brain. Then there’s Newton’s second law: Forces and acceleration. Forces are things that act upon objects to make them move or slow down. Acceleration could be speeding up or slowing down. If an object is at rest or moving at a constant speed it is not accelerating. The type of force depends on the type of surface. There’s friction, which is two materials that are in constant with one another. Acceleration depends on net force and mass. If the object has a lot of mass its acceleration isn’t a lot. If the mass of the object goes down the acceleration goes up. My example that I used was my bike and my grandmas ford focus. My bike was a lot easier to push. I just stood on the side of my bike and pushed it. With my grandmas...
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