Newspapers or Television: Which News Form is Better?

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Is it better to learn about the news from newspaper or from television?

In this day and age, it is very necessary for us to have information about our surroundings and the world. Getting information has become easy. There are two main resources; newspaper and television. In my opinion, newspaper is better to learn about news than television for several reasons. First of all, Convenience is my utmost priority. Because newspaper is easy to carry, I usually carry newspaper with me. I travel every day for my work in a train so I read newspaper in a train. On other hand, television is definitely as useful as newspaper for getting information but it has some limitations. Television is a stable resource which works with electricity and has specific schedule. It means if I want to see television I have to seat at one place and can’t enjoy outdoor places and also can’t read it in the train during traveling. Secondly, newspaper stays forever. I have a habit of collecting important news information and I also like to keep myself informed with past and present news. Television does not store news for longer time and also we can’t get information about past if we want. For example, I had history as my major subject. It was tough to get information about past events for thesis writing. But, old newspaper helped. Thirdly, Due to technology and research, now, we can also excess newspaper form our I pad and advanced phones. It is very convenient and fast. In my family no one likes to see news so I can’t see news with them. Even, there are lot of commercials on television which I find uninteresting and time wasting. To conclude, Convenience, long lasting information and time saving advantages of newspaper has made it my preference over TV. Newspaper has been very helpful for gaining knowledge and person with the latest information stands different in the crowd.
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