Newspaper Versus Online Media

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Newspaper versus Online Media:
The challenges and struggles in contemporary world
With the development of science and technology, online media gradually replace the traditional media. In some country, people never read news from print media, they read news from internet; but in some country, people still using the traditional way which is read news from newspaper. Although newspaper appears to be extinct, but each country has their own traditions, the future of newspaper is still depend of the traditions each country. In this article, we will compare newspaper and online media, discuss their challenges and struggles in contemporary world. What is newspaper?

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing news about current events, informative articles, editorials, and advertising. It usually is printed on low-grade paper such as newsprint or recycled paper. General-interest newspapers typically publish stories on local and national political events and personalities, crime, business, entertainment, society and sports. Most traditional papers also have an editorial page containing editorials written by an editor and columns that express the personal opinions of writers. The newspaper is typically funded by paid subscriptions and advertising. A wide variety of material has been published in newspapers, including editorial opinions, criticism, and persuasion; obituaries; education; entertainment features such as crosswords, Sudoku and horoscopes; weather news and forecasts; advice, food and other columns; reviews of radio, movies, television, plays and restaurants; classified ads; display ads, radio and television listings, inserts from local merchants, editorial cartoons, gag cartoons and comic strips. There are many elements to a newspaper page, and not every element exists on every page. However, many common elements persist across various newspaper pages. Those newspaper elements that appear only on the front page of the newspaper. On the front page of a newspaper, the topmost element is generally where a reader will find the name of the newspaper. The best known newspaper element is the headline. The headline is printed in large-type and is the title or summary of the main news story for that day. (nelson, 2010) Since the headline is printed in such large fonts, it is typically very short and, thus, incomplete. What is online media?

Online media is an information based for news, facts, entertainment and knowledge. It is like a newspaper, but the only different between newspaper and online media is it published online (e.g. online magazines, marketing, news websites etc.). Online media is thus a form of electronic communication. Nowadays, many industries started using online media successfully include journalism, news broadcasters, marketing and advertising, commerce, as well as entertainment (music and film). More and more of these media industries are making the move to online media, reaching a broader and better suited or audience. Online media as a new form media, not only contain graphics, text, sound, animation and other information carriers, and also give people a new way to communicate, makes the transfer of information is more variety. At the same time, the visual elements of web design has become an important part of the online media, the visual in web design in addition to the information transfer function, and also because of its strong visual expression and influence the audience's pay more attention. The evolution from newspaper to online media

The evolution from newspaper to online media is divided into four period. The first period, the early newspapers published fees is pay by government. The content of newspaper consisted of government announcements and international news. Even though the news was months out of date, but people still read it eagerly. Early newspaper rarely contained more than four pages, and publication was usually once a week. The second period, newspapers began to grow,...
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