Newspaper Reading Habits

Topics: Sampling, Sample size, Sampling error Pages: 10 (2106 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Our Research Proposal
Topic:Newspaper reading habits

1) Problem Definition:

-What is the purpose of the study?
Our purpose is to find out the number of students who prefer newspapers in our college campus.

-How much is already known?
So far there is no data collected on this topic. But the reason behind choosing this topic is to know how many people prefer newspapers over any other source of news related information such as magazines, journals, internet and so on.

-Is additional background information necessary?
There is no requirement of background information as we are using direct observation methods in the form of questionnaire.

-What is to be measured?

In our research, the unit of measurement is the number of people. Based on our topic we have come to this conclusion as students are our primary source of information.

-Can the data be made available?
Indeed,the data can be made available through the use of the internet and questionnaire methods.

-Should research be conducted?
Our topic requires research as this topic is very unique and has not been done by many researchers in this particular topic.

-Can a hypothesis be formulated?
A hypothesis cannot be formulated as the research methods conducted will be done through direct observation methods like questionnaire method.

2)Selection Of Basic Research Design:

-What type of questions need to be answered?

Some questions that need to be answered are

*Do you read newspaper?
*How often do you read newspaper?
*Which type of newspaper do you prefer?
*Which particular section of the newspaper do you like?
*Apart from the newspaper,which other source of news do you prefer reading?

-Are descriptive or causal findings required?
Both these findings are required as they’re found to be the fundamental requirements for our study.

-What is the source of the data?
Our source of data is a primary source,i.e,the students of the college.

-Can objective answers be obtained by asking people?
This is possible since we are conducting our research in the form of questionnaire method.These objective questions can be asked in our questionnaire in a nice manner so that the people filling the questionnaire don’t get bored.

-How quickly is the information needed?
We will need the information before March 1st 2013 as our term ends on March 16th 2013.

-How should survey questions be worded?
Our survey questions will be formatted in a simple and easy to understand language so that the students don’t get confused and give a answer which will in turn affect our conclusion to our study.

-How should experimental manipulations be made?
For our research,we are not conducting any kind of manipulations as the result obtained will be biased or may result in wrong information given by a particular student.

2) Selection Of Sample:

-Can the target information be identified?
Our target information can be identified as our primary source of information is the students of our college.

-Is a sample necessary?
Our research requires a sample so that we can get a clear result for our study.

-How accurate must the sample be?
Our sample size will be a 100% accurate as the result obtained at the end of our study should be effective.

-Is a probability sample necessary?
Our research doesn’t require a probability sample as our sample is not based on probability but our sample will rely on accuracy of data collected without any type of error.

-Is a national sample necessary?
This research doesn’t require a national sample as we are not conducting a nation wide survey.Our study is only...
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