Newspaper Article: Dog Attacks

Topics: Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, City of Melbourne Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Dear Editor of the Herald Sun,
I was watching the news (Sunrise) this morning and I found out a really tragic story case and I investigated more on the internet and this is what I have come up with: Dogs as brutal Security Guards...

We all like roaming around outside but what will you do if there were ‘security guards’ standing outside and roaming around the streets. Yes, this is exactly what has happened on the very streets of Carlton. On the 27th of April, a senior citizen in his 50s was attacked by a dog-pack. “Bystanders threw garbage bins to distract the dogs during the attack...” (eye witness watching from her window) Police allege the man was attacked as he was having a stroll down Drummond St just after 8:30 pm. The Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bently said “Paramedics were told the attack lasted several minutes.” The man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, immediately. He is now in a stable condition with arm, leg and back injuries. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said “Three men were arrested at the scene.” A 26-year-old North Melbourne and a 22-year-old Carlton man were interviewed and then, eventually, released. The question here is why were they released? Didn’t they find enough evidence against them? The third man, a 31-year-old from Carlton, was charged with aggravated burglary and conduct endangering life over an unrelated incident, believed to be alleged burglary at a Carlton house on April 27. A City of Melbourne spokesperson said the council was assisting police with the investigation. “At this stage, we have not seized any dogs in relation to the incident. Reports indicate that were no dogs at the scene when animal collection officers arrived,” the spokesperson stated. The sad thing is that police still have not found the dogs or the person behind all this. Is there even a person behind it all? Or was this just an accident that had happened? These questions still haven’t been answered. I, you and the whole world want these answers...
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