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Topics: Domestic worker, Maid, Nanny Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 26, 2013
I refer to the article : ‘Weekly Days off for maids a must from next week on”. After the spurring speech by HOME , I realized the importance of treating one another fairly with dignity and respect, and hence I applaud the government for initiating this policy of a mandatory rest day.

More than providing the domestic workers with physical rest, a rest day provides them with an emotional and mental rest from work, which will surely help to improve their productivity and reduce the likelihood of management problems. However, I found it appalling that this decision did not go down well with some Singaporeans, especially among those who had a domestic worker under their employment. Here , I would like to emphasise on the value of humility-the ability to put oneself in another persons shoes. I would not be able to take it if I were forced to wake up at 6 and sleep at 11, nor would I be happy with a meager income of about $400 per month. I would not be able to have rest days every week. I would put it today’s context of being slaves. Many employers cited fears about employees mixing with the wrong crowd or getting pregnant lest they were given too much free time. Going abroad to work is no small feat, and is a huge sacrificing many ways .Besides having to bear the costs to secure employment, they also have to be away from family and friends for long time. Is it fair to control the behavior of adults and to deny individuals the right to socialize? I also feel that it is unrealistic to expect a domestic worker to be at her best at all times. There are times where she may be lazy,unmotivcated,or simply tired. But denying them of a well deserved break due to fears of slackening or poor performance is a counter productive way to solve the problem. These domestic workers are a vital part of Singapore`s vibrant econnmy,and the social role they play in Singapore`s society cannot be frowned upon given that most couples are working and there is a rising elderly...
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