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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Q: The primacy of live-ness and immediacy raises significant problems with 24hr news channels. With such channels, news judgment has to be consistently providing materials for the screen, commentary on events as they happen, leading to a tendency for speculation over knowledge with the aid of appropriate examples. Discuss this statement as a major criticism of 24hr news channels

The main function of 24 hour news channels is to collect news stories from around the world, or from particular regions, and broadcast them on the television so the public can learn more about them. News channels aim to connect the average viewer with the big stories of today, and they use a number of methods to do this, including showing live footage from various locations and interviews with notable figures. However, I do not believe they are always effective. News channels provide a constant stream of news on regional and global events. Although they generally offer a good source of information on current affairs, they are often criticized for generating news out of non news worthy events. Filling a channel with content 24 hours each day is challenging and sometimes, editors are tempted to fill the time with stories that are not worth broadcasting or airing topics that in the past have been considered private rather than public. 24 hour news channels are the first to break new breaking news and continually keep showing it for people just tuning in. As things happen correspondents are there catching everything live. For example the US presidential elections, many 24 hour news channels covered the election in great depth and were even there to catch the actual Barack Obama become the new president of the United States. Checking the economy of your country as well as other countries is something also frequently shown on 24 hour news stations. The disadvantage is that sometimes they may not get their facts straight and that is when mistakes happen. For example the 2000 US Presidential...
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