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  • Published : April 26, 2010
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Rena Hermez
RWS 100
Prof. Costello
Nov. 29, 2009

News Media
Media have tremendous power in setting cultural guidelines and in shaping political discourse. It is essential that news media is challenged to be unbiased and truthful. Most many people find news whether on TV, newspaper, or magazines to be politically bias. Michael Parenti, the author of Inventing Reality, asserts that the news can be bias towards political issues by using the “Methods of Misrepresentation” (Parenti 53). This includes: “Framing and Labeling”, “Selectivity and Deliberate Omission”, “The Greying of Reality”, “Auxiliary Embellishments”, and “Placement” (Parenti). These methods are used to serve the private news conglomerates and our country interests instead of the public interests. Therefore, the news content became politically biased. Moreover, the past decade has seen more change in the craft of news media than perhaps any other. Since the news conglomerates took over local papers and stations, news became less relevant and more for entrainment. The more news is entertaining to its audience, the more money for the news conglomerates and the shareholders. Thus, news is not as important to the lives of audience as they once were.

The issue of economy is very crucial topic in the U.S. However, many news networks misrepresents the public interest by placing the article in the most secluded pages in the newspaper. For instance, the article, “Economists question accuracy of picture from economic data”, by New York Times Service, in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper, discusses how the government’s picture of the economic data has a wide gap from the reality. It also explains why the government miscalculated the data, and gave a brief explanation on how to calculate it correctly. Since this article rectifys the government, San Diego Union Tribune decided to publish it on page A6 with advertising Ads. This is an example of “Placement” because as important as this issue has been...
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