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Topics: Othello, Iago, Cyprus Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Turks Defeat an Act of God?
Just last week, a massive storm hit just off the coast of Cyprus. The Turkish fleet that has been waiting to attack Cyprus was decimated. The authorities have given us little information, but we have been led to believe that the entire fleet was destroyed. However, Othello (ship pictured above), somehow made it through the storm and arrived at Cyprus late in the night. Religious leaders are beginning to question if there was divine intervention involved. It was overheard that Cassio yelled, “O, let the heavens give him defense against the elements!”, apparently his prayers were answered!

Cassio Demoted! Chance of Reinstatement?
With the entire island of Cyprus rejoicing, the military seems to be falling apart. Cassio, charged to maintain watch through the night after the storm that destroyed the Turkish fleet, became drunk and started a fight with Montano. The fight started when Rodrigo was apparently harassing Cassio, who in his drunken state was quickly enraged and chased him across the ramparts. Montano stepped in and tried to stop the fight but was quickly turned on by Cassio wielding a rapier. Reports read that immediately after the fight, Othello appeared and put a stop to it. However, he was not very happy, and yelled, “Zounds, if I stir or do but lift this arm, the best of you shall sink in my rebuke.” He then went on to tell Cassio to “never more be officer of mine”.

Othello is often times known to be taken over by quick acts of rage. It is yet to be determined if he will reinstate Cassio into the army. It was well known that Cassio and Othello were extremely close friends and it was even rumored that they may have been something even closer than that. So, Cassio, distressed at the loss of his closest friend, is now seeking help from Desdemona. She may very well be the only one who can save him now, and get him back into Othello’s good graces.

However, if Cassio doesn’t get reinstated, then that means there would...
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