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Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Push-button telephone Pages: 13 (2537 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Mobile Phones: It’s Effect in the Academic Performances of The 3rd Year Laboratory High School Students


Balunsay, Anthony
Barrera, Jelyssa
Mendoza, Samantha Niña
Rabino, Robilyn Louise
Salvador, France Johanna
Santelices, Marianne

March 2013

The Problem

Cell phones are one of the technologies of today’s society. This is one of the important things that we have to use every day. It allows us to be reachable anytime and anywhere. I our generation today, cell phone’s using popularity might bring great impact to most young students tremendously, and they may consider the cell phone as an important device that they use on their daily lives. This pocket-size thing will let us contact anyone over a distance. Anyone is benefited by cell phone because if there will be no cell phones there will be lack of communication.

According to Ansari (2007) it has a number of negative and unhealthy impacts and effects on the student’s performances at high school student level, including the wastage of time and money. Its vibration and use may be harmful to health. According to Mansick (2006) cell phone users through text messaging manifest the texting shortcuts into school papers and essay. This proves that cell phones affects students language proficiency especially the writing skills. Therefore as a result school papers and essay are written misspelled, incorrectly punctuated, and written with the language usage incorrectly. This violation of grammatical and writing rules usually becomes a common habit; thus, becoming a social culture norm. This change in language deteriorates the formal writing ability and proficiency of cell phones users.

The main objective of this study is to know how the use of mobile phones affects the academic performance, mainly in English subject, of the third year laboratory high school students. Also this study will help us to solve the problems of the students on their studies caused by mobile phones.

Statement of the Study
This study will evaluate how cellular phones affect the performance of the 3rd year high school students in their English subject for the S/Y 2012-2013. The study sought to answer the following questions : 1What are the age and socio-economic profile of the respondents? 2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones of the laboratory high school students of BISCAST campus ? 3 What is the extent of using cell phone of third year high school students? 4 What is the academic performances of the 3rd year high school students in English ? 5 Is there a significant relationship between using cell phones and academic performances ?

Objective of the Study
1 To determine the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones of LHS BISCAST Campus. 2 To know the extent of using cell phones of the 3rd year LHS. 3 To describe the academic performance of the 3rdyear LHS in English. 4 To determine if there is a significant relationship between cell phones and academic performances.

Significance of the Study
This study will be beneficial for the following: Students. This will help them to know the effects of using cell phone in their performance in school. Parents. This will help them to guide their children and give proper orientation to their subject. Teachers. This will help the...
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