New Yorker in Tondo Short Script

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The New Yorker in Tondo
By Marcelino Agana Jr.


In New York| |
KIKAY| (Kikay is reading a letter from her Mother )Dear Kikay, I miss you na, please go home, coz I’m very lonely. Love, Your mommy dear, Atang.| | I told her to call herself Mrs. Mendoza! Oh well, I need to go back to Tondo…| (plane lands) SCENE 2|

MRS. M| (A knock is heard) (As she walks toward the door) Visitors. Always visitors, nothing but visitors all day long. | | (She opens door. Tony steps in, carrying a bouqet. Tony is 26, dressed to kill, and is suave type. Right now, however, he is feeling a trifle nervous. He starts slightly on seeing Mrs. Mendoza.)| MRS. M| Tony! |

TONY| (Staring) Is that you, Aling Atang?|
MRS. M| (Laughing) Of course! Who did you think it was... Kris Aquino?| TONY| You... you don’t look like Aling Atang. For a moment I thought you were Kikay| MRS. M| (Playfully slapping his cheek) Here, have a seat.| | |

TONY| (Becoming to look nervous again) When... when did Kikay arrive?| MRS. M| (Plaintively) That girl only arrived last Monday and look what has happened to me! When she saw me, she dragged me off to the parlor. Dios mio, do I look like an American?| TONY| (Too worried to pay much attention) You look wonderful Aling Atang. And... and where is she now?| MRS. M| She’s still sleeping.|

TONY| I want to see Kikay Aling Atang, but if she doesn’t get up...| MRS. M| (Firmly) She’s going to get up right now, Tony. Why you and she grew up together! I will wake her up. | | (Pausing already at center doorway) Oh, Tony...|

TONY| Yes, Aling Atang?|
MRS. M| You must call me Mrs. Mendoza|
TONY| Yes, Aling...I mean, yes, Mrs. Mendoza.|
MRS. M| (Turning to go) |
MRS. M| (Turning again) Oh and Tony...|
TONY| (Jumping up again) Yes, Aling... I mean, yes, Mrs. Mendoza?| MRS. M| You must not call Kikay “Kikay”|
TONY| (Blankly) And what shall I call her?|
MRS. M| You must call her Francesca.|
TONY| Francisca?|
MRS. M| Not Francisca... Fran-Ces-Ca.|
TONY| But why?|
MRS. M| In New York , that’s what they call her. Call her Francesca and not Kikay. Oh, how she hates that name!| TONY| (Limply sitting down again) Yes, Mrs. Mendoza|
MRS. M| (Turning to go again) (Someone’s knocking at the door. She turns around again.) AIE DIOSMIO!!!| TONY| (Jumping up once again) I’ll answer it. (He goes to open the door.)| SCENE 3| (Tony opens door and Totoy steps in. Totoy is the same age as Tony. Both boys do their secret handshake.)| TOTOY| (Arms extending to hug Tony) Tony!|

TONY| Totoy! |
TOTOY| (As, arms around each other’s shoulders, they march across the room.) Make way for the Tondo boys... Bang! Bang!| TONY| (Pushing Totoy away and producing a package of cigarettes) Good to see you old pal.. Here, have a smoke.| TOTOY| I thought you were in Bulacan, partner.|

TONY| I am. I just came to say hello to Kikay.|
TOTOY| What’s she doing in New York anyway?|
TONY| Studying. She got a diploma.|
TOTOY| Imagine that! Our dear old Kikay!|
TONY| Pardon me, she's not Kikay anymore,.. She's Fran-CeS-ca..| TOTOY| Don’t make me laugh! Remember when she’s still selling rice cakes.. (imitates) Puto kayo dyan!! Bili na kayo ng puto mga suki!!| SCENE 4| (Knocking at door.)(Totoy goes to open it. Enters Nena. Nena is a pretty young lady of 24)| NENA| Why, it’s Totoy!|

| (Brushing him aside as she walks into the room) And Tony, too.. What’s this? A Canto Boy Reunion ?| TONY| We have come to greet the Lady from New York .|
NENA| So have I|
MRS. M| (Appearing) She’s awake already. She's dressing. Good morning Nena and Totoy. (Totoy and Nena are staring speechless. Mrs. Mendoza is carrying a vase in which she has arranged Tony’s flowers. )| MRS. M| Oy, oy halika nga. Come with me to the kitchen.(pointing to totoy) SCENE 5(Exits Mrs. Mendoza and Totoy ; Tony and Nena are silent for a...
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