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New Yorker in Tondo

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Moses Moses
One night, talking with Regina and Ana.napag they talk about happened to Aida. Amy was raped by the son of Mayor. Amy does not know now go to school because he was traumatized and that she was not brought face to kanayang classmates. So take a leave instruction to Regina with his guard Amy.

Then, suddenly they came home a kasma Mayor Councilor. Naproon them to the closet humungi child made by the Mayor and they preferred to just hang Regina the filing of the case. But do not agree with Regina because of what he believes justice will prevail.

Leave to the Mayor and Councilman, talked with Tony and Regina. Tony wants to retreat to the filing of the case because the situation today, justice will not prevail. The strong, powerful, and rich to justice, they always seek to prevail. The flesh nias Tony has killed the son of the Mayor. Living life words. Tony also reminded of what happened to his father. Because they died, they did not achieve justice. But, still ipinagpilitan of Regina that he continue the filing of the case.

After the talks, showed up and said Ana sinusumping nanaman with AIDA, a tranquilizer kailangna's Aida that he lull. So the root of the Regina gives meaning to Tony. When Tony is gone, nasi Ana Regina's great that Tony pinagbagi. Ben suddenly came and asked if Tony Naba gone. Regina replied. Ben and the mother admitted with Tony dlaang guns because they plan to kill the son of the Mayor. Tony relic Ben ipagsasabi but not be able to say it's Ben.

Amy woke up and came down from the bedroom. He went straight cabinet and looking natabig gamut but she had a bottle of medication and it breaks. Awoke from his slumber with Regina. Aida said her mother are looking for the root. Response is also of Regina Tony bought it. Regina to be asked by which time, he was surprised because he did not namalayang passed two o'clock in the morning. AIDA said that he could not sleep, so he's seasoned Regina milk.

Aida's Naikwento dream...

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