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Being from a small town, you never realize there’s anything else in the world. You just assume the rest of the world is a boring, small place too. In a town that becomes a ghost town after eight o’clock, it’s hard to imagine there are cities that stay awake all night. My trip to New York City made me realize the world is bigger and much more different than my small town.

At home, the most common things you smell are freshly cut grass, farm animals, and a family having a barbecue. New York City is a playground for your nose. The first thing I smelled was the food. Every block contained at least 20 different types of food. Freshly brewed coffee, warm bagels, juicy hot dogs, spicy Chinese food. This city had the answer for any craving you could possibly have. But then your nose meets the bullies on the playground: the alleyways and the sewers. When you smell them, you forget about all the other pleasant smelling things. The lurid smells will burn your nose and make your eyes water. I made sure to stay away from those for the rest of my trip.

In a small town with just a fraction of the population that New York City has, taking a walk is a breeze. At home, even if you don’t know someone, you act like you do. Everyone waves and says hello to each other. Everyone holds the door for each other. In New York City, everyone's main concern seems to be themselves. On the street there’s just a sea of faces. It’s impossible to know everyone. There’s no smiles, just sour expressions. If someone bumps into another person, there is no excuse me‘s or sorry’s, just a huff of annoyance. The oddest part is the lack of communication. Everyone is walking just inches away from each other. As close as everyone is, they all seem so far apart. Everyone seems to be in a rush, as though they need to be somewhere important right that second. They are either talking on their phones or listening to music. They seem to block out everyone else, like they are the only person on that...
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