New Year Resolution

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New Year Resolution

Although many of us make a New Year resolution at the beginning of a New Year but we do it more out of a custom than with actual planning. Also, people don't spare much thought in finding out what he/she will actually like to achieve in the year. Hence, the success rate with New Year resolution is actually poor. Some tips therefore can become handy in making your New Year resolution a success. 

Fix your target: What is really important to you? What do you want to achieve in the coming days? Setting your priorities will help you set your New Year's resolution better. 

Make a realistic promise: When we promise, we promise big, without really considering the possibilities of achieving it at the end. This is one of the major causes of higher failure rate with New Year's resolutions. Hence, make yourself a realistic promise. 

Make an optimistic promise: Try and look at the positive side of the promise. Leave the negative ideas aside. Hence, instead of saying that ‘I'll not be late at my appointments' say 'henceforth, I'll reach everywhere in time'. The positive tone will help you improve your chances of success. 

Break down big goals: If you have promised yourself a big thing set small targets at first. Instead of looking at the mammoth task on the whole, taking small steps towards achieving it will help you to reach the target easily. 

Develop other habit: We all know that some habits are hard to change. Hence, the best way to change an old habit is by developing other engagement. If you have decided to quit smoking, find another engagement which will relax you and will take your mind away from smoking.
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