New Year's Eve

Topics: Family, Rooms, Table Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: August 3, 2012
I wandered around the busy floors of the peculiar stressful house revealing the industrious duties filling up the room. As the aroma of the palatable ingredients spill the spirit of New Year, it somehow made the room elegant and entirely presentable. As I fidget and wander around vigilantly, seeking curiously towards the slothful ticking of hands of the clock. I felt it was as if the hands of the clock, were urging a heavy object struggling to lift up its scrawny hands to move up. I gaze around and remembered when the jeweled clock strikes 12, numerous colors start to immerse up in the murky sky, dainty dishes displayed pleasantly on the long wooden table, every corner of the hoary-age scarlet colored walls, every member of the family was blowing of the stream to satisfy the new night.

There I was in our enormous living room, I immediately proceeded to the window to look at our neighbors as they lit their firecrackers lying on the ground, different kinds of colors fill the dark skies. Noisy sounds that occupy our surroundings make up every little second of the upcoming New Year. As colors strike and dissolve the tedious engulfing sky scattered scraps of old filthy papers placed themselves on a lumpy austere roads. Booming sounds all over the place and party hat’s being blown signaling the end of the year.

I continued to wander around the house hoping to find something interesting, I peered through the door that opens to the kitchen and saw my folks still busy preparing a delicious and appetizing meal for our Media Noche celebration. I tried to enter the kitchen as quietly as I could, to avoid disturbing my family from what they’re doing, but the door made a creaky sound which made my plan fail, luckily none of them noticed me enter the kitchen, walking towards the long wooden table in our dining room and staring at the delectable foods served in front of me and as the redolence of the food filled my nose I began to feel the spirit of new year.

As I ran...
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