New World Movie Review

Topics: Pocahontas, Terrence Malick, Love Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 9, 2012
Action, romance, hardships, drama, and suspense; now you’re probably thinking what do these very different qualities have in common. The New World is a dramatic film about the life of the settlers who came to the new world not knowing what to expect and having to deal with the new surroundings and the Native people. You will follow the life of a native girl named Pocahontas who experiences love, loss, and victory. You will be on your edge of your seat due to the action and suspense this movie sets on you. The New World was directed and written by Terrence Malick. The main characters in the film are Colin Farrell who played John Smith, Q’orianka Kilcher who played Pocahontas, and Christopher Plummer. This movie was made in 2005. This movie is about settlers from England coming to the New World to start colonies. It is the story of how they made it and what different hardships they had to overcome in order to survive in this new world. Throughout the movie you see how the natives interact with the colonists and how Pocahontas falls in love with Captain John Smith. In this movie settlers come from England to start over and discover new land. When they arrived they don’t know what to expect of the land or of the natives that live there. Knowing ahead of time that there were going to be natives living there they made sure to take precaution because they did not know what to expect of them. Throughout the movie you see the interactions between the natives and the settlers and often times it became very violent due to the settlers driving the native people out of their land. Pocahontas, the chiefs most loved daughter helps out settlers brings them food and teaches them how to grow crops to make money and to help them survive. The movie tells the story of the things that people discovered, how Pocahontas falls in love with John Smith and how the tables turn and how the outcome of their love might not be what you expected.

In this movie the thing that...
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