New Technology for Law Enforcement Agencies

Topics: Police, Goal, Law Pages: 4 (1605 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Project BMC, Body Mounted Cameras, is a project trying to resolve all allegations and reports of corrupt officials and provide an insurance plan on all arrests and busts. This particular issue within the Sacramento County Police Department (SCPD) is a serious problem for the community by making it not safe to provide for the community if trusted officials are corrupting the communities trust. Some negative implications that affect these law enforcement officials will demand a change into their day to day protocols; also increasing officers to wear the BMC. While the BMC is being implemented it will affect the law enforcement officers within the Drug and Gang units, IT Department, and commanding officers. This will change in the day to day responsibilities of officers to make certain their button BMC is on an active while on duty, and that their turned off when off duty. IT department will be effected by developing the right adequate data transmission, installed properly, and to maintain logs of any damages. Commanding officers will be affected by confronting officials of misuse or conduct as an officer of the law, but also to launch investigations into corrupt officials. BMC is a Body Mounted Camera that will record officer’s day to day arrests, busts, and will be used as evidence to convict corrupt officers to uphold the law to any citizen. The BMC will be used as evidence to help or to investigate. The BMC will be placed on the officer’s uniform shirt as a button to view all arrests and bust throughout the law enforcement officers day. The main key activities are to include sanctioned busts by a commanding officer and any daily arrests. Some challenges of Project BMC are to make certain all officials are equipped with a BMC before going out on duty. Some other challenges would be not all officers will want to comply with this new project; giving commanding officers a suspicion of why they would not want to comply. Complications for this project would be...
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