New Sources of Energy: Oil Fields in the U.S.

Topics: Sociology, Petroleum, Natural gas Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Jackson, Nolan
Azadeh Jahanbegoo
New Sources of Energy

The article I have chosen is about the oil fields in the United States and the predictions of the International Energy Agency. In this article it states how the U.S. could become the leader seller and producer of oil in the next five years. The International Energy Agency predicted that the U.S. would be the world’s leading oil producer by about 2017 and will become a net oil exporter by 2030. Fields in Kansas are producing oil at a fast rate. The U.S., with the upcoming increased production of natural gas and oil, will become the top leader in these fields compared to the Middle East and Russia. Russia is the top leader in production of natural gas, and the Middle East is the leading producer in natural oil. The sudden change has been due to the new forms of drilling in the United States. With the energy policies that our implemented today and these predictions mean the U.S. could be self-sufficient in energy providers for themselves. This could mean cleaner energy for the country and a change in global markets. This will in turn remove us from our dependency on fossil fuels. Hopefully by 2050 the United States will show the rest of the world that natural gas can provide the boom in the economy and will be the major supplier for fuel. Scientists say that in order to reduce emissions and prevent global warming, the world should use less than one third of fossil fuels for energy. These new predictions will be good for America and for the rest of the world. The Functionalist perspective would agree that this increase in economic gain for the United States would be beneficial for maintaining stability in society. When the country of an economy that affects everyone globally is in a positive gain, it in return improves the world economy. People with a Functionalist perspective have a sociological approach that emphasizes the way in which parts of a society are structured to maintain its...
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