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Chapter 12 Facility Management:
In this chapter they talk about people that are coming together for sport entertainment. These entertainments take place in stadiums, arenas, convention centers, theaters and racetracks. The management principles are similar for all these types of facilities. Back in the early twentieth century more and more baseball team owners started to built their own stadiums so that team were able to develop themselves in the city for more years and that time spectators were able to watch the games of their home town team. Arenas started to pop up in the early twenty century as well. The NHL National Hockey League started in four American and two Canadian cities, Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal. But the owners of the hockey teams wanted to start with the same ideas as the owners of the baseball teams. The only disadvantage was that baseball had a much longer season and that the hockey arena’s had many empty nights when their season was over. At that time they came up with the idea to fill up the arena’s with more sport events like boxing, skating and many different shows, what we still see today in Madison Square Garden for example where almost every night a event is going on. There are a few types of assembly facilities such as arenas, stadiums, convention centers, and theaters. Convention centers are built and owned by the public entity and did not cover the cost of the facilities but the city was looking at the big picture, by bringing important people to the city and it would have an economic impact. Consideration is given to spending that includes hotel, meals, entertainment, and related expenditures. The facility financing starts with the federal government which allowed the state and local governments to issue tax-exempt bonds to help finance sports facilities, this would lower their interest debt, thereby reducing the amount cities and team must pay for a stadium. Convention centers are not built to make money which is the opposite of stadiums, arenas and theaters. Professional sports teams are for example in the sport business to make money, “big time” money. Most of the stadiums or arenas are built by private owners during 1960’s and 1970’s. The owners now of the stadiums make a lot of money with premium seat and suit licenses, advertising boards around the field, and sponsor deals with big companies. There are many different functions needed for an event. Think about a marketing director, public relations director, event director, booking director, operation director, a sales person and a box office director. These are all important jobs functions that are dealing with facility management. Facility management provides a career field that is challenging, fast thinking and decision making, making long hours, and could be really stress full because you need to be able to deal with pressure. Chapter 13Event Management:

In Chapter 13 they talk more about event management it talks about the desire to increase profits and one of the first events team used to increase their profits. One was to increase the profit was with barnstorming tours. Barnstorming in athletics refers to sports teams or individuals that travel to various locations, usually small towns, to stage exhibition matches. We also saw that last summer when professional soccer club Real Madrid came to the United States to “barnstorm” for the upcoming season. The Spanish club traveled around the United States not only to get ready for the season but also to do business. They signed Cristiano Ronaldo for $100 million in the summer of 2009 and with coming to the United States and the merchandise selling’s the club made a lot of money. Now a year almost a year later the club mentioned on their website that they made Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer money back with the selling’s of all Cristiano’s merchandise. When marketing agency started working with teams and players, they provided more options and more ideas for...
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