New Rights Perspective on the Role of Education

Topics: Sociology, Education, Socialization Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: February 13, 2012
New Rights perspective on the role of education
Political view than a socialising perspective.
They have a more recent conservative view than functionalism and it has influenced education policy in Britain. Believe some are more naturally talented than others and education should be run on more meritocratic principles Education should socialise students into shared values and provide a sense of natural identity. MARKET VERSUS STATE

Too much state of control has created inefficiency.
The state can’t meet people needs (ONE SIZE FITS ALL)
Schools that get low results don’t change. So the result is the lower standards and a less qualified workforce. MARKETISATION
Market forces of consumer choice and competition between suppliers(schools) onto areas run by state ( i.e. education and health) Schools survival is dependent on its ability to raise the achievement levels of students CHUBB & MOE – Low income families do 5% better in private schools (Education is not meritocratic) State schools fail to create inequality by not interacting with parents and communities CRITISIMS

Low standards is due to lack of funds
Marxists argue that education imposes the culture of ruling class and no such thing as lack of national identity

Reject functionalist view that capitalist society are meritocratic. People that are denied success blame themselves because inequality is legitimised BOWLES & GINTIS
Middle class have more cultural & society capital because it is easier for them to obtain good qualifications.

Functionalist views on the role of Marxism
Criticisms BORDIEU
In education children are allocated roles meaning they are sifted and sorted into different groups according to their ability. Higher qualifications lead to better jobs
Capitalist favour this because it reproduces inequality.
Produces the idea that they should choose education over work & treat society will offer incentives (Higher rewards) DAVIS & MOORE
Criticisms DENNIS...
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