New Monarchs: Louis XI and Henry VII

Topics: Wars of the Roses, England, Henry VIII of England Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: November 15, 2011
After the Crusades, monarchs realized that the key to maintaining power was to gain the support of the nobility and become independent of the nobles. Leaders of New Monarchs changes how they ruled and how they saw themselves as rulers. They cared for the aspirations of the people and represented their country. Louis XI of France and Henry VII of England were two examples of New Monarchs who centralized government and contributed to the rise of their countries from the period of 1450-1550. After the Hundred Years War, was the rise of the Valois family in France. France defeated the duchy of Burgundy, and there was no threat of a new state. Louis XI assumed power for the Valois family and contributed to the rise of France as a new monarch. The royal domain of the Valois expanded from Paris through marriage and conquest. In order to rise up to power, Louis XI first needed to keep the nobles of France at bay. Since the Estates General protected the noblemen and clergy from tax, Louis XI confiscated land from uncooperative nobles and placed cooperative nobles in his Court or controlled provinces. He created a taille, or a tax on land, and as the budget increased, so did his protection, or royal army. Since new monarchs promoted the welfare of their country, Louis VII promoted new silk and weaving industries to boost the flow of money in France. He had commercial treaties in the Hanseatic League, so that he could trade as well. Foreign merchants and craftsmen travelled to France to be apart of the new, growing economy. Through this centralization of his power, Louis XI had the control of France, his provinces and battle. The Concordat of Burgundy was issued, ensuring even more political and religious power for the Valois. They could now appoint bishops to the church which would enable them to control religious activity as well. The centralization of power by Louis XI indirectly caused the rise of colonies and economy. He created the first nation states of Europe by...
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