New Media – a Critical Introduction

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New Media – A Critical Introduction

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‘New Media ‘is cutting edge technology which combines five different concepts which are Digitally, Interactivity, Hypertextuality, Dispersal and Virtuality. During this study I will select a ‘New Media’ experience and describe how I feel it is applicable to the characteristics above.

I have decided to discuss the creation and dispersal of Magazines and Newspapers and how it has changed from a form of media to a new media technique.

What is ‘New Media’?

Digitally – Digital Media has become a huge help to the way magazines and newspapers are now produced this is because it now allows the creator of a magazine to do everything within one computer.

Articles are now created in a digital way which allows the writer to save a lot of time when proof reading and adjusting parts of their work. This is because with software such as Microsoft word (which is created for writing,) making changes to work is a lot faster and easier done. This speeds up the production time and replaces the old analogue method of having to rewrite pieces to change simple spelling errors. With the digital method you can cut and paste different parts of articles which allows simple layout changes to take place.

Creating images and photographs for articles is also a lot faster and easier to do with new digital methods. Before the invention of digital cameras when creating images people would have to take the picture with an analogue camera, remove the film and develop it without a preview of how the photograph might turn out, this is a costly and timely process which would affect the production of magazines. With the new digital cameras you can now take better high definition photographs with the option to preview them for use this means that if you are not happy with the image you can retake it instead of spending time developing. As well as this benefit digital cameras save money because a memory stick is used instead of negative film rolls this stores the images as numbers for easy compact storage and can be reused again and again.

When the image is transferred onto a computer it can be manipulated fast and easily with programs such as Photoshop this allows effective changes to be made again saving time as it can all be done on the one computer through links in different software programs. When the photographer is happy with the image they can use email to production as well as the article where the finished article can be made. Again this is another benefit of the digital techniques as all work can be send electronically and instant, which means that production does not have to be held up with postage. This is also a free method of sending and receiving information. This can be then printed as a Digital hard copy or a soft copy which can be kept for changes in the future.

Dispersal – “Time spend on e-papers more than doubled from 45,000 hours in January 2008 to 106,000 hours in January 2010.” (

Before ‘New media’ if you wanted to read a newspaper article or a magazine you would have to go to a shop to buy a hardcopy this was an awkward thing to do as shops close at night and some well known brands of magazines and newspapers sell out quickly again meaning that you would have to wait on deliveries which can take time. With the ‘New media’ technique of soft online copies you can go onto newspaper websites and read some articles there 24 hours a day. This also allows the website to create an archive of different stories for people to look at anytime they need to.

“24 percent prefer a print version, 23 percent prefer the digital magazine, while the rest do not prefer one over the other.” (

You can now also buy digital copies of...
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