New Marketing Landscape

Topics: Marketing, Social responsibility, Globalization Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: March 8, 2012
New Marketing Landscape

Businesses are looking at themselves, their products and the service they provide from a social and environmental point of view. Modern society, political strategies and the way everything is produced is based on sustainability and social responsibility. The products or a production process that damages the well-being of other humans or do harm to environment may affect the businesses and their image. Forward-looking companies try to avoid these things and are ready to accept the responsibilities to the world around them. They view socially responsible actions as an opportunity to do well by doing good. In that way they create solid image for the costumer. Not-for-profit marketing

Non profit organisations also use marketing to attract students to the universities, patients to hospitals or members of political parties. Government also uses social marketing to discourage people from smoking, alcohol and drugs. These organisations seek to achieve objectives other than primarily economic ones like profit or market share. The electronic marketplace

The technology created new ways to learn about and track costumers and to create products and services for individual needs. The businesses use marvels of technology everywhere from taking orders to distributing goods. Internet links individuals and businesses and help to exchange information, find entertainment or just to connect with almost anybody. E-commerce not only helps existing businesses in their work but also created new businesses (Ebay, Amazon, Google). Major supermarkets in UK have got their online shopping services. Every single product or service now is available on the internet. Costumers has got opportunity to compare the prices, check out various deals from different companies and can find a last minute deals for a concert or a flight. The global marketplace

Globalization influenced the way business work nowadays. Marketers are looking for a low-cost...
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