New Managers

Topics: Management, New York City, Mind Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: May 3, 2013
1. A lot of new managers error in selecting the right leadership style when they move into management. Why do you think this happen?

Cheryl Khan is a director of catering in New York City.
* She must be a responsible director. He’s applying wrong adaptation to his leadership style because she likes to gossip around with the workers or employees. This cannot happen because this can bring grapevine to her life in work. People tend to think that their manager cannot do any work because she likes to gossip and linger around. * She also must reduced or if not try to push away the problem of chronic lateness. This will cause the workers will follow the director’s footsteps of being late to work and this will become a big problem for the company. The work will not be done as quickly as possible. * She’s a selfish person because of these sentences that she said “it’s my way or highway”. So from those sentences we can see the real attitude from her. This is not a good example because she also needs to think about the worker’s feeling.

Rob carstons is a technical manager at IBM in California.
* He really thinks about people’s opinion and really taking care of people’s heart. He doesn’t care about himself and don’t want to offend his worker’s feeling. This is not good because as a manager he should be responsible and act as a leader. He must give directive order to his worker so that they will finish their work quickly. Linda McGee is a president of Medex Insurance services in Baltimore, Maryland. * She was giving advanced promotions to be a president. Maybe for her its really a good news for being promoted into a highly position. * But the thing is that the workers tend to spread gossip about her because people don’t know what the real reason of her being promoted is. People tend to think that this is a bad idea because she’s new in the company and don’t really know the environment of the company. * The grapevine rise faster...
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