New It Technologies

Topics: Wireless, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Computer network Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: February 12, 2013
New IT Technologies
Wesley D. Smith
CMGT 583 IS Integration
John M. Sallee
February 4, 2013

Current IT Trends
Trends are the lifeblood to society and business. It determines how individuals and business direct their blueprint and handle situations. In the business arena, IT trends are what carry the organization from its current state to the next generation of business. There are a few trends that are currently within society and business that have been implemented with success. On the other hand, there are technologies that have yet to make their mark on business and are still being evaluated for their usefulness. The technologies that I will discuss are, wireless frequency connect ability, LTE technology, touch screen capabilities, and voice controllable technology. Wireless Capabilities

Wireless capabilities have been around for a few years and are very useful within homes and businesses that use them. They help multiple individuals connect to a router and access a network for internet and file sharing usage. These networks can be password protected so that only authorized personnel can access it. These networks can also be left public so that anyone in range can access it. The major advantage of the wireless network is that it eliminates the usage of Ethernet cables and phone lines to connect to the internet. Also it allows multiple individuals within the same location to access this network as well. The disadvantage of this technology is that if there is an outage within your area or the router goes out then the signal is lost as well. If this event occurs, the Ethernet cable can be connected to the router but limits the number of individuals who will have access. If an organization does not have wireless capabilities they should implement this into their business. With the access to wireless printers this can benefit organizations because multiple individuals can access this hub. It does pose the same disadvantages that any other wireless...
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