New Hospital Plan: Saudi Arabia

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Hospital Plan | August 10
This is a preliminary proposal of a 350 Bed health care facility. The detailed project plan will be prepared after taking this approval from the stake holders. The detailed plan will include complete physical facility layout, financial and management projections.| Preliminary Proposal|

Planning Committee
Feasibility Study
Organization Structure
Clinical Services
1. Medicine
2. Surgery
3. Pediatrics
4. Physiotherapy
5. Geriatrics
6. Pain Management
7. Diabetes Management

Clinical support Services
1. Radiology
2. Clinical laboratory
3. Rehabilitation

Non-clinical support
1. Catering
2. Laundry
3. Warehousing
4. Domestic hygiene
5. Waste disposal
6. Maintenance and repair
7. Transport
8. Communications

1. Finance
2. Medical records
3. Procurement
4. Personnel
Future Plan
1. Hemodialysis Center
2. End Stage Oncology center
3. Diabetic Complication Center

Healthcare systems are developing at a fast pace in all countries. With all sorts of globalization and international standardization, local issues take precedent over others. The social structure of all societies is changing very fast. This is creating a high burden on community services, including healthcare. All cities are expanding. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this phenomenon is occurring with a faster pace not only because of large expatriate work force, but because of a large shift of population from village and semi urban areas to big cities. There is continuous increase in all type of health services and government services are able to cope with the increase demand. Planning Committee

After completing this preliminary project report, the first thing will be the creation of a planning committee for the purpose of development of plan in complete detail. This committee will comprise of:

* Health planners
* Functional planners
* Financial planners
* Physical planners
Hospital Board
The hospital will be governed by a board. The board will be highest managing body of the hospital, comprising of key stake holders. The CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) and CFO ( Chief Financial Officer) along with above committee members will be the board members. It will also include the investors with a sufficient percentage of stakes.

The will constitute various Teams
* Planning team
* Needs assessment team
* Design team
* Construction team
* Commissioning team
The members in various teams will be headed by board member along with various hired consultants such as Architects, Engineers – civil, Finance managers, Quantity surveyors, Procurement Staff, Staff members such as doctors, nurses, community leader.

Feasibility Study
A proper feasibility study will be taken by the board member to make “ Go” and “No Go” decision for the hospital project. However the market analysis and information from various sources suggest that there is a strong demand for high quality community based health services. This demand is especially high in middle and upper middle class. These customers have little time to waste in government hospital queues. Also they have sufficient income to get private health care services. The private hospital available in Riyadh is of high quality but with a very high cost. So is the need of high quality community based healthcare center. The same situation is prevailing all major cities in middle-east.

We envision a community based Modern Hospital, which will cater the needs of those who can’t afford to take help from present hospital. This is a very large population who has good income but no time.

Our mission is to build a high quality community based hospital that will be place itself somewhere between primary health care center...
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