New Hair Care Product: Vstron Waterproof Hair Gel

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As the Board of Directors of Canada Haircare Inc, our company manufactures and sells Hair Care products. Vstron waterproof hair gel is our new product, and it is a revolution and development of hair gel and its functions. Vstron waterproof hair gel provides a natural and strong hold on all kinds of hair styles, and most importantly, it is waterproofed. By using Vstron waterproof hair gel, consumers will no longer worry about their messy looks after they get wet. Our philosophy is: high-quality, natural and good-looking hair style. The strengths of our company: our strong core team; our effective and economical products with significant new benefit. The weakness of our company: banks are less likely to provide financing to a new company; few members are familiar with the new products.

Vstron waterproof hair gel is a new product unlikes any other products available in the current market. It is waterproofed, and its natural and strong hold stands till the next usage of shampoo. Vstron waterproof hair gel will help maintain consumers` original hair style at wish, no matter how long they stay in the sea, swimming pool, or how bad they sweat after doing sports, or suffering from an extremely hot weather. Moreover, this new product will also provide a strong protection of customers’ hair itself instead of damaging it. For instance, swimming pools could contain harsh chemicals that might weaken your hair, and sun exposure can damage the hair also. Out product will eliminate the chance of hair damage from harmful chemicals in nearly all types of humidity conditioin, and its UV blocking will help maintaining good hair condition under sun exposure. At last, it is simple to use our product: Apply a little on hair and style as desired. Besides, it is easy to wash off with our shampoo. In one word, our product will provide peace of mind to customers that its usage will not damage their hair, but add another layer of protection on it, with convenience on top of it. In Canada, Vstron waterproof hair gel has taken a solid share of the market, however, there are still some obstacles and threats that need to be resolved. For example, we are putting in consideration of moving the production overseas for a reduced cost; the fact that Vstron waterproof hair gel is still a new product in the market, it will probably take customers some time to get to know it and realize how it can make their lives easier. In addition, established companies with a comparable product coming out in the future will pose a threat on our new product. Market in China

Due to the unique features of our new product, we are basing the production at home at the moment. However, we wish to expand into new global markets so as to increase the popularity of our new product and the sales. As a consequence, we will plan our global expansion in China. We will address some key factors why we choose China in the next paragraphs.

First of all, with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people`s living condition, hair care products have become more and more important for Chinese in their everyday life. Therefore, the hair care industry has developed quickly in China and brought us an exciting huge market to look at.

Secondly, the variety of climate is another factor that we believe has a big positive impact on the sales of our product. Climate in southern China is usually very humid. In summer, the weather is extremely hot and has a lot of percipitation as well. In northern China, it is very windy in spring and autumn, dry and hot in summer, and has a lot of snow during winter time. Vstron waterproof hair gel is waterproofed, and gives a natural and strong hold of all hair styles under the bad weather condition. Chinese consumers will no long need to worry about their good hair style be damage by strong wind, heavy rain or hot weather.

Target market
Vstron waterproof hair gel can be targeted to any age group who needs to hold...
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