New Global Patterns

Topics: United States, Colonialism, Southeast Asia Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: May 17, 2011
For each term, person, or place listed at the beginning of the section, write a sentence explaining its significance. • French Indochina – the name given to the colonies in Southeast Asia that were under French control. Significant of European imperialism in Asia and the pressure that was placed on it by Western and European powers. • Mongkut – the king of Siam who by studying modern science, mathematics, and language was able to uphold his country and keep it from European rule and pushed Siam into a period of modernization. • Spanish-American War – a struggle between the United States and Spain over the independence of Cuba. Was significant in the US’s ability to win and take control of Cuba. • Liliuokalani – the queen of Hawaii had attempted to resist foreign influences but did not succeed as the United States overpowered her. Led to the imperialism of all Pacific islands by European powers. 2. Reading Strategy: Identify Causes and Effects-How did industrialized powers divide up Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and how did the colonized peoples react? • Powers such as the Dutch, British, and French were able to use the rivalries between local communities of Southeast Asia to their advantage by using new technologies and armies to conquer new colonies. In the Pacific the United States, Germany, and Britain had extraterritorial rights in Samoa and had a triple protectorate in action. Even after leaders of the former independent countries that became colonized tried to fight off foreign influence, the Western powers were always able to gain control of all except Siam. People of the colonies had pushed hard to resist the imperialist force and in the end after colonization, they adopted the ideals of the powers that controlled them by means of modernization. 3. Summarize- What steps did Siam take to preserve its independence? • King Mongkut had studied foreign languages and on modern sciences and mathematics. He gained much knowledge and didn’t underestimate the...
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