New Generation Mobile Messaging

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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New-generation mobile messaging
Nowadays, with the development of economy in China and the advance of science and technology, the Internet ecosystem changes dramatically, the way of social networking activities transformed significantly, mobile messaging is one of the most promising products in Chinese.

The Mobile Internet Era in China. From the financial reports of 2 biggest Chinese Telecom Operators – China Mobile and China Telecom, we can get there are already more than 1 billion mobile phone users and 100 million 3G users in China at the end of 2011.

Moreover, the growing smartphone and smart-feature phone penetration reinforced the tendency by enabling people to utilize better-designed and more powerful apps. Today, many mobile phone producers launch various smartphones that prevail among all kinds of the people; we can also figure out more models of low-cost ‘Thousand Rmb’ smartphones to become available. This expected lasting trend will increase smartphone adoption definitely, particularly among the high Internet usage demographics of 15 – 35 years old.

From the Bar chart above, the ownership of smartphones was around 20 million by the end of 2009 and we expect the ownership of smartphones will reach 120-150 million more or less by end of 2012, especial dramatic growth of Sub-Rmb 1000 smartphones (from 0 – 45 million in 2 years). It should be a huge enough user size to create meaningful revenue / traffic to Internet companies.

New-generation communication tools. Previously people depend on SMS to chat on mobile phone mostly, now, instant messaging become popular gradually. Using traditional communication ‘SMS’, people can just have one-on-one chat via text contents and picture with relative expensive cost in China, which is a kind of boring and inconvenient. On the contrary, multi-media messaging Wechat provide users a quite different conversion experience with sticky key functions and fun creative features. First of all, Wechat enable...
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