New England vs Chesapeake Dbq

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Two of the most prominent colonies in the America before the New World were the New England and Chesapeake colonies. Though both were of English origin and settled around the same time, the two differed greatly. The differing aspirations of the Chesapeake and New England settlers promoted their desires to venture to the New World. The main difference being that New England was established for God and a better life for the people there, while the Chesapeake colony was settled for gold and more selfish reasons.

While looking at a ship’s list of emigrants bound to New England and Chesapeake, one would notice a subtle example of the differences between God and gold. On a New England bound list, there is a greater variety of age and sex in the occupants. (Doc B) New England settlers came as a family because they aspired to settle and start a new life so they brought spouses, children, servants, and other kin. This also gave the New England colony a chance to grow, unlike the Chesapeake colony.

It’s very clear while looking at a Chesapeake emigrant list what the main goal was. On a ship bound for Virginia, the number of men exceeded the women almost six to one. (Doc C) This ratio limited the growth of the colony because only a handful of men could reproduce children to carry on life in the colony. Also without wives there was a lot more for the men to do; cooking, cleaning, and daily chores to name a few.

Another area where the differences between New England and Chesapeake are apparent, is the way they banded together. In New England they thought “some must be rich, some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity, other[s] mean and in subjection...[yet] we must be knit together in this work as one man” (Doc A) This shows that the people of New England knew that in order to be successful as a colony, they needed to accept all sorts of people into their community and work together because each person can still contribute something. Also, when they got to...
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