New England Colonies vs. Southern Colonies

Topics: Toleration, Religious toleration, Difference Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: December 20, 2011
The New England colonies and the Southern colonies are slightly similar in some aspects, but drastically different in most. The economy of New England was powered mostly the manufacturing in factories, whereas the Southern colonies’ economies were more agriculturally based. The social structures were different, because the New England colonies didn’t believe in slavery, so the social ladders were not the same. Religious tolerance was another major difference in these two regions. Overall the New England and Southern colonies are slightly similar, but their differences set them apart from each other. New England had a stronger economy than the Southern colonies even though it was mostly based off of lumber, fishing, and manufacturing. But since they had big port cities, like Boston and New York, they traded a lot with other places and made a lot more money that way compared to the Southern colonies farming of cotton, tobacco, and rice. So all in all, the economy was better in the New England colonies only because they had more potential to trade with other places than the Southern colonies did. These different economies affected the social structures of these two regions quite a lot. Social structure in the Southern colonies was like a beefy five layer burrito. At the top of this burrito was the rich aristocrats living in the south, then came the plantation owners, after which were the middle-class farmers, followed by the indentured servants, and last came the black slaves in the bottom of the burrito. Lifestyle in the New England colonies was generally based on equality, so besides the ministers and government officials at the top, this burrito’s lower ingredients were all mixed together in one mushy lower layer, unlike the divided ingredients (social classes) of the Southern colonies. Religious toleration was different in these regions too. The Southern colonies were a lot more tolerant and didn’t care what religion people believed in. The New England...
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