New England and Chesapeake: Factors Influencing Development

Topics: Bacon's Rebellion, Salem witch trials, Slavery Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 15, 2007
Free Response Essay #1 (question #2)
The New England and the Chesapeake development of colonial society were greatly shaped by the social and economical ways prior to 1740.
The New England society was shaped socially by the Half-way covenant, Roger Williams, and by the Salem witch trials. The Half-way covenant permitted the children of all baptized members including non-saints to receive baptism. This shaped New England since it signaled the end of the "New England Way" because the elect was unable to bring up a generation of saints whose religious fervor equaled their own. Roger Williams on the other hand, questioned the legal basis of congregationalism and once he began to say that the church and state were entirely separate, the government silenced him. This instant stirred up controversy, since he challenged the "New England Way" which quickly made him one of the most respected and popular figures. The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings by local magistrates and county court trials to prosecute people alleged to have committed acts of witchcraft in Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex Counties of the British colony of Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693. The trials shaped New England since it caused family divisions, hangings, and accusations like never before; also it reflected profound social change over anxieties.

The Chesapeake, which is Maryland and Virginia, was shaped socially by the Act of toleration, slavery, and the State & Church. The Act of toleration was passed in 1649 by the colonial assembly of the Province of Maryland mandating to attract settlers to make the colonial venture profitable. In order to protect the Catholics from the immigrating Puritans and Protestants, the Calverts supported the freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland. This allowed more social development to Maryland than ever before, because it allowed more settlers coming in to worship a particular religion which means they will all be more alike. The...
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