New Education Policy

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: February 3, 2011
One of the greatest problems haunting our country today is the problem of growing indiscipline among the students. The unrest amongst the students is not only confined to India, but also it is spread all over the world. If not checked well in time, it could eat into the vitals of national health. The unrest amongst the students is only a reflection of the despair prevalent in the society. We hear about students going on rampage and arson in the news and we also read newspapers that give gory accounts of such incidents. They indulge in stone-throwing and brick-batting. The police come in action and make them the targets of their bullets and Lathes. When the authorities cannot control them, they indulge in violence ‘and hooliganism and there are hardly any positive students. The students feel that the education given to them in the schools or colleges is useless. They cannot get jobs or make use of their knowledge in any other sphere. Although they work hard, yet those students, who are weak in studies, are those who indulge in illegal practices such as copying. People with recommendations or resources bag all the good jobs. The politicians have also started taking interest in the students of senior secondary schools. If they have to organize a rally or a demonstration, they lure the school students to join them. They are treated there nicely. So, the students start feeling that the best way to get respect is to become a camp follower of a known politician.

The teachers also do not take much interest in teaching the students. They are paid so meagerly that they have to supplement their income with tuitions or by taking up some part-time jobs. When the students do not get the care and education in the schools, they start picking up cheap methods to get importance. The parents are busy in earning bread and butter for their families. They have little time to listen to their problems. The children move about in the world as confused...
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