New Dimension of Brand Marketing

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Artyom Vorobyov

Brand Marketing In Terms Of Google Search Services


November 2010


2Google search that leads to a new dimension of brand marketing1 2.1Implementation of the new marketing strategies.2


Nowadays marketing, judging by the international experience, has become one of the key elements not only in various business operations: the development of brand policies of different companies today is dependent on the way marketing strategies satisfy the needs of the customers.

Due to the fact that the level of competition is relatively high in the contemporary business society, every product available on the market should have original features which are not only going to mark it out in the mind of the customer, rather create an overall image of the company, which in many ways would serve as its business card later on.

Taking into consideration the ideas mentioned above, we can point out that a “brand” is that personality that identifies for the customer a product, service or company. In order to have a more precise look at the implementing of marketing strategies in modern brand management, the following report follows an article from “New York Times”, which observes a revolutionary service from the “Google” company.

Google search that leads to a new dimension of brand marketing

A couple of years ago, Google introduced a smartphone application that lets users take photos of objects and get search results in return. In the nearest future the company is going to enter the world of marketing with this service, allowing five major brands to use it in their promotional activities.

What can be more efficient in marketing management, then an insight into the customer-brand relations? Google insists on the fact that the new application can provide brands with all the necessary information about customer interests and needs by simply giving them the...
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