New Communication and Information Technology and How We Use It

Topics: Mobile phone, History of the Internet, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: December 11, 2012
New communication and information technology and how we use it. The digital revolution with computers, smartphones and internet bluster out of that we interact and communicate with each other. What will be the next? Will we become dumber and dumber of the technology? Or gives it us a “helping hand” in our daily lives? Nobody does know. That is the questions. Give an outline of the use of information and communication technology as it is presented in texts 1 and 2. Communications technology Slydia according to text used to breaking the link. Slydia can be used to break the connection with someone that you no longer want to see: “She broke it off in a voice mail message, using new technology that allowed her to jump directly to the suitor’s voice mail, without ever having to talk the man – or risk his actually answering the phone” (txt 1, l. 4-6)

She could also be used to avoid an unpleasant conversation with another, because it jump directly to voicemail: “The incoming call goes undetected by the recipient, who simply receives the traditional blinking light or ping that indicates that a voice mail message has been received” (txt 1, l. 8-10) Slydia is one of several modern technologies that make it possible to avoid direct communication “…Tools that let users avoid direct communication” (txt 1, l. 16-17) and “We are constantly just missing one another – on purpose! (Txt 1, l. 20-21)

Andrew Keen shows in the text “Sex, Lies and the internet”, how easy it is abuse the internet to make other in an extremely bad light. I will show the main ways information- and communications is used in the text. The technology is used in the text of expose the privacy of others. On the internet, you can easily create a fake profile on such a sex dating site, where you will have access to a lot details about people’s private lives (pictures, secrets, sexy stories etc.) Then you can put all these details into a website where everybody can see them. That way you can easily...
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