New Chocolate Brand

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Milk Candy Bar Chocolate

Introduction: Milk candy bar is a chocolate consisting of a biscuit finger, topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. Being somewhat smaller in width than other confectionery bars, candy bars are typically packaged in pairs.

Marketing mix: Marketing mix is also known as four Ps:
(1) Packaging: Candy bar chocolate is typically packaged in pairs as shown in fig below.

It consist of a biscuit finger, topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.Its upper cover is of black color.Its net weight is 25g.
(2) Price: The price of single candy bar chocolate is 50p . But it is also available in family pack which consists of six candy bar chocolates and its price is only 2£.Its price is low so that everyone can buy it easily.

Morrison's and from all other Super markets.
(4)Promotion: The milk candy bar chocolate is promoted by advertising on Tv , radio , billboards and by hanging banners in front of schools to attract childern.

Market Research Plan

Market research: It is a systematic process used by a business to find out about its customers and markets . A company uses market research to ensure that it offers goods and services that customers want to buy . This should be a continuous process. Once a product is launched , it is important to listen to customer feedback .By acting on this feedback , businesses can help to keep customers satisfied. Before launching Milk candy bar chocolate its important to make market research to know the ideas and views of people that what they want? By doing so, we can make our product better. The market research is of two types. Primary...
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