New Chapter to Animal Farm.

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, 2008 singles Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Although Napoleon had basically taken over the farm and the other animals were not standing up for themselves "Red" the rooster was beginning to rally some interest in a new idea he had come up with. When they had decided to oust Mr Jones from his farm the animals were excited about all the changes. However things weren't working out the way the animals thought they would. It seemed now that things were almost the same as when Mr. Jones was boss.

Things really started getting bad when Snowball was chased off the farm by the dogs. The animals were concerned that somehow equality was not going to happen for the animals left behind besides the pigs.

One of the scariest parts is that Napoleon decides there will be no more debates? No more discussions? Somehow the feeling of equalness is not happening. How can Red get the other animals to follow him and use nonviolent ideas.

He begins by talking about values and what the animals can do. "Do as I do and not as I say is his favorite line". He wants to lead by example and not by words. He begins by talking about safety for the animals and not having the little ones taken advantage of. He talks about committees that will be represented by one of each type of animal. There could be a leader but that leader would have checks and balances and no one type of animal would be in charge.

As Napoleon gets older and feeble "Red" begins to make more sense. Finally the other animals begin to believe in "Red" and themselves and slowly things begin to change on the farm.

There is always more work to do but the animals feel more confident now and ready for nonviolent change.
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