New Business Marketing Plan

Topics: Wedding, Marketing, Marriage Pages: 19 (2984 words) Published: October 11, 2010
1. Executive Summary2

2. Introduction3

3. Current Market Situation4
3.1Marketing Description
3.2 Benefits and product features
3.3 Product Review
3.4 Competitive Review
3.5 Channels and logistics Review

4. Marketing Analysis (SWOT Analysis)6
4.1 Strengths
4.2 Weaknesses
4.3 Opportunities
4.4 Threats

5. Objective and Issues8
5.1 First-year Objectives
5.2 Second-year Objectives
5.3 Issues

6. Marketing Strategy (by the marketing Mix 7 Ps)10
6.1 Positioning
6.2 Product Strategy
6.3 Pricing Strategy
6.4 Distribution Strategy
6.5 Marketing Communications
6.6 Marketing Research
6.7 Marketing Organization

7. Action Programs11

8. Budgets12

9. Controls13

10. Conclusion14


1. Executive Summary

This is a syndication report of Group 4 for the subject of marketing management. The marketing plan of our group is preparing to launch a new wedding event service in Hong Kong. This service we call Double Click eWedding event services (“Double Click”). Our services offer a tailor made or flexible services for using internet even in the networking media (for example facebook or twister…etc) and the efficient time process with affordable price. Our slogan is “Plan your OWN wedding just easy like a double click”.

We are targeting specific segments in post 80s population, they are 'rebels' or much more open-minded and usually don't want to be a follower. They have the needs to do things differently and happy to challenge existing system (including wedding traditions and typical Hong Kong-style weddings). They have dreams and hopes like everyone else and also including to the desire to get married, to have a family or home of their own, as well as have a wedding.

Taking advantage of the opportunities for the demand of post 80s population of their wedding.

The marketing objective is to achieve first-year for 00 pair of couples. The financial objectives are to achieve first-year breakeven or revenues of HKD,000. In the next year will have 15% growth in revenue to HKD,000.


2. Introduction

Double Click eWedding event services, the new idea and the new e-wedding event services in Hong Kong. The market did not have exactly the same services idea provided in Hong Kong yet.

Satisfy our target customers needs by:
- Offering a different and new wedding experience which is not a typical wedding banquet at a hotel or Chinese restaurant which emphasize on their individualism and their 'braveness' and dare to be different than others.

- Offering low cost wedding events which emphasize on smart spending. Spend less or spend a reasonable amount of money on the wedding ceremony to save the cash for the real future that actually begins after the wedding (for example: buy a flat, healthcare or have a baby …etc).

Our Services Features:
Homepage:Online application via our homepage to click our menu for your wedding day. Flexible:Offering a different and new wedding experience - not a typical wedding banquet at a hotel or Chinese restaurant. Time process:Your wedding ceremony can ready in ten days instead of one to two years preparation. The wedding planner or DIY planning which usually take a very long time process. Normally they will take one year or sometimes even longer than two years process. Price:Offering low cost wedding events

Competition in Hong Kong, the wedding services
Wedding planner -
DIY planning -
Wedding aboard -
Double Click -

The couples plan a wedding just easy like a double click.

To gain market share in this wedding event market, Double Click target specific segments with post 80s population. They have their way of thinking and their way of doing.

3. Current Market Situation

Marketing Description

Double Click eWedding...
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