New British Empire

Topics: British Raj, Indian Rebellion of 1857, British Empire Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: March 28, 2013
A.P. World History
Guided Reading Chapter 24
“Africa, India, and the New British Empire (1750 – 1870)”

1. Modernization
2. “legitimate trade”
3. palm oil
4. recaptives
5. “secondary empires”
6. nawabs
7. “Company Men”
8. sepoys
9. “Black Hole of Calcutta”
10. British raj
11. Durbars
12. Indian Civil Service
13. Indian National Congress
14. Clipper ships
15. Ambergris
16. Contracts of indenture

Individuals / Peoples:
18. Shaka
19. Usumann dan Fodio
20. Muhammad Ali
21. David Livingston
22. Henry Morton Stanley
23. Tippu Tip
24. Robert Clive
25. Afrikaners
26. Captain James Cook
27. Maoris
28. Aborigines

Places / Kingdoms / Colonies:
29. Zulu Kingdom
30. Sokoto Caliphate
31. Ethiopia
32. Liberia
33. Maratha Confederation
34. Cape Colony
35. Orange Free State and Transvaal
36. Singapore

37. Sepoy Rebellion (Revolution of 1857)
38. The Great Trek

Questions to Outline:
1. What was Muhammad Ali’s central aim and list five of his accomplishments. 2. What did Ismail of Egypt mean when he said, “My country is no longer in Africa, it is in Europe.”? 3. How and why did France take over Algeria in 1844?

4. Ironically, what country became the most aggressive abolitionists? 5. Describe the Niger Delta slavery.
6. Where were the three major centers of British power in India during the 19th century? 7. List the four major British policies toward India during the 19th century. 8. What were the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

9. List at least 8 descriptors of the economy of British India. 10. How was Australia settled by the British? New Zealand?
11. Describe the ways in which the Maoris and the Aborigines were treated by the Europeans. 12. List all the areas in the world under British control in 1870.
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