New Age Teaching Skills

Topics: Education, Learning styles, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: March 3, 2013
AThe New Age Learning Scenario via Cyberspace- a priority !

To our pride and perfection, the Indian Education is proud to the global education world for the INTENVION OF THE DECIMAL SYSTEM and the DISCOVERY OF ZERO. This dwells our past golden age of Education Scenario.

Over the years with the march of time and tide, the education system has delivered progress to the nation and to the world as all Top companies globally pay attention and work on the rolls of Indians who are known for their Expertise and Intelligence.

It certainly sounds funny to some but the fact remains to betray us that the very Indian Education System is one of the unique curriculum facets in the country at par with the developing ones. It is good and one of the flourishing with the march of developing culture of WWW (Whatever, When Ever and Whereever) force of learning phase by the masses. Our learners today are SMART, viz. Systematic, Meticulous, Artistic, Realistic and Tactful towards getting the right kind of education. We are utilizing the talents of excellent knowledge base and culture of Learning by doing. No doubt, the implementation of ICT based learning shall give a fillip to the required expertise in a big way. The limitations appear at random but certainly reflect towards the dynamic ideas and opportunities via investments towards infrastructure, knowledge hubs and teaching skills. We look forward to a knowledge hub in the country giving pace to the foreign Universities soon. What is needed is a knowledge society integrated with a guild of Learners and Lectures at a common wavelength of learning and delivering the knowledge.

The delivery of new order learning for our children explores the intelligence with teachers in demand of being a ROCKSTAR. The application of novel modules integrated with multimedia based packages/ contents applicate to the new learning for our 21st Century Googlers. The Indian Scenario of Academic climate of schools has had a remarkable sense of...
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