New Adidas Product Marketing Campaign

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  • Published: September 29, 2008
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The Adidas Company was behind and helped such influential athletes as Jesse Owens and Muhammad Ali as they broke countless records. The heart of the Adidas product line is athletic shoes and this trend shows no signs of changing but the three-stripe logo appears on apparel and other jock accoutrements. Bankruptcy once had Adidas on the ropes, so to speak, but it made a comeback by shifting production to Asia and beefing up its marketing. Being the number two maker of sporting goods worldwide, just behind Nike, it has inked deals with football and basketball athletes, as well as the New York Yankees. The firm won sponsorship rights to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. It now seems that in every sports related segment Adidas has a new quality product that was created to address an athletes’ needs either on the playing field or getting ready for their leisure time. Currently, Adidas has expanded their market to capture athletes who not only want to perform well in their sport but who also want to look and smell like a celebrity. Therefore, in 2003 Adidas introduced a new line of fragrances and body wash products. In this line Adidas offered eight different types of fragrances targeted towards both male and female consumers. These body care products ranged in price from $8.25- $20.45.

We believe that Adidas has great potential and ability to launch a product that refreshes their athletes even when they do not have time to shower. Using the high performance image that Adidas has already established through its fragrance lines, we feel that it would be just another opportunity for Adidas to continue to address the needs of its athletic consumers. Adidas Cleansing Cloths act as a towlette which has the Adidas patented secret sweat absorbing micro scrubbles that soak up sweat as soon as they come in contact with sweat molecules. These towlettes also contain the three signature scents that leave the user with a “just out of the shower” refreshed feeling and make them...
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