Neverending Story Turning Points Essay

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Turning Points

Battle for the Ivory Tower

In the novel The Neverending Story, the battle for the Ivory Tower between the

two protagonists; Bastian and Atreyu is a very important event to the plot of the

novel. They were battling for the possession of the Childlike Empress’ amulet,


Atreyu tried to defend himself with his own sword.
But wielded by Bastian, Sikanda cut in two and struck
Atreyu in the chest. Blood spurted from the gaping
wound. Atreyu staggered back and toppled from the
wall (Ende 370).

The battle for the Ivory Tower is a very important event to the plot of the novel

because one of the major characters in the story is stabbed. Bastian is so

arrogant and selfish that he stabbed his own friend just so he could keep AURYN

for himself and be the Childlike Emperor of Fantastica. Atreyu only took away

the amulet so Bastian wouldn’t lose anymore of his memories. However, Bastian

was too self absorbed to realize that Atreyu was only trying to help him.

The battle for the Ivory Tower is also very important to the development of

Bastian as a character. Bastian went through a change as a result of the battle.

He started out very angry at Atreyu:

Bastian pointed his sword at the heap of flaming
ruins and his voice cracked as he declared: “This is
Atreyu’s doing! For I will pursue him to the end of
The world!” (Ende 371-372).

However, Bastian began to feel guilty about what he had done:

Over and over he lived the moment when Atreyu had
set the point of his sword to his chest. And for the
first time he asked himself why Atreyu hesitated. Why,
after all that had happened, couldn’t he bring himself
to strike bastian and take AURYN by force? And
suddenly Bastian thought of the wound he had inflicted
on Atreyu and the look in Atreyu’s eyes as he staggered
and fell (Ende 375-376).

After Bastian thought about the horrible crime he had committed, he came to

realize that what he did was very wrong. Atreyu hesitated because he felt

sympathy for his friend even after all that Bastian had done to him. Bastian

changed from being angry at his friend for the damage he had caused to feeling

guilty for selfishly stabbing Atreyu.

The battle for the Ivory Tower also added to the message that what Bastian did

to Atreyu was very wrong and he should be shameful, “His victory left him with a

bitter taste in his mouth, but at the same time he felt wildly triumphant” (Ende

371). What Bastian did was a very selfish and horrible thing to do to someone

who is just trying to help him. This event gets across the message that although

Bastian defeated Atreyu, he should be immensely dishonoured of the the horrible

thing he did.

The City of Old Emperors

The City of Old Emperors is a very important event in the plot of the novel. In

the City of Old Emperors, Bastian learns what happens to all of the humans who

come to Fantastica and try to crown themselves Emperor:

Bastian saw a boy with a heavy hammer trying to
drive nails into a pair of socks. A fat man was trying
to past postage stamps on soap bubbles. They kept
bursting, but he went on blowing new ones (Ende

The City of Old Emperors is a very important event in the plot of the novel

because that is where Bastian learns that if he continues making wishes, he will

lose all of his memories. With no memories, Bastian can’t make anymore

wishes. With no more wishes, AURYN disappears. If AURYN disappears, then

Bastian will end up in the City of Old Emperors with no memory of anything.

The City of Old Emperors is also very important to the development of Bastian as

a character. Bastian went through a change when he learned about the City of

Old Emperors. He started out very confused:

For a while Bastian stood motionless. He was so...
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