Never Read a Book by Its Cover

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“Never read a book by its cover,” a commonly used quote describing the importance of judging people not on first impression, but on the things you learn about them along the way. Oftentimes, nowadays, people seem to look at someone, and based on appearance alone, think they know exactly who this person is, and what they represent. More common than not, this refers to negative views on people due to the way they look, when in reality, they are very nice, warm hearted people that anyone would enjoy. Based on my experiences, I believe the opposite of that. I look at someone and based on looks alone, I have my full trust in them, before I even know what kind of person they are, or realize the front they are putting on. Trust is something built over time, not something that is present when you first meet someone.

I can remember it clear as day. I was with my friend, Andy Martin. Andy had been my friend for about 5 years now. Point being, I was able to trust him. I was always able to trust he’d look out the greater good for both of us. I knew he was good for his word, but most importantly I was able to trust him to remain respectful in my household. Family is extremely important to me, and the way someone acts towards my family is fundamental when determining the kind of person they are. Needless to say, he was a trusted best friend, so I would assume the people he brought around would also follow a similar path. Well this assumption proved to be wrong the night of homecoming, when Andy’s new friend, Chase Caldwell, was invited to a get together I was having at my house after the dance.

It was Freshman year so I was open to making new friends, and by first glance Chase seems like a pretty trustworthy kid. He seemed like he was pretty smart and made good decisions- according to Andy, he was both of these, and very entertaining. So the night started with all of us going to dinner together at the Dish. I can vividly remember Chase making everyone at the table laugh,...
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